Suspect in Missouri Thanksgiving homicides arrested after he walked into police headquarters covered in blood.

7 month ago

Jefferson news, Missouri news.

A suspect in Missouri Thanksgiving homicides walks into police headquarters covered in blood and said, “I just committed two murders.”

Torry Upchurch, 27, was wanted on his way to the Jefferson City Police Department soon after Thursday's murders, Earle Key Jr., 17, and Shantae Hill-Cook, aged 33. years, police said.

"In the initial interview, the suspect was involved in both killings," said Lt. David Williams in a press release.

Upchurch has been charged with first degree murder and other crimes.

Key and Hill-Cook were killed at four mile addresses in about four hours.

Upchurch knew that the teenager and Hill-Cook was his girlfriend, according to the station.

The police said Key died instantly.

Police said Hill-Cook had been hit several times.

After shooting Hill-Cook, Upchurch then took his car.