Florida woman rescued in last moments before car goes ablaze

6 month ago

Daytona Beach news, Florida news.

A Daytona Beach woman was saved in the last moments before her car went ablaze as she was tied up inside on Thanksgiving night, police said.

Daytona Beach officers responded to a call reporting a woman in troubles when they discovered the victim around 8 p.m. in a dark parking lot at the corner of ISB and Hagen Terrace. The woman's wrists were zip-tied to the steering wheel while her mouth, head, and ankles were tied with silver duct tape.

When rescued, the woman said that Gibbon Agledor, her ex-boyfriend and a friend of his she identified as Eric were the suspects. She also told police that the suspects poured rubbing alcohol on her and on the car and tried to set it on fire.

The victim claimed that the night before, she was forced into her trunk and rescued by friends.