Couple in shock after first baby born with 2 heads, 3 hands

6 month ago

India news.

An Indian couple is still in shock after they welcomed their first baby on Saturday but with two heads and three hands.

21-year-old Babita Ahirwar and her husband, 25-year-old Jaswant Singh Ahirwar were first told that they were having twins during a routine ultrasound at the Madhya Pradesh district.

Weeks later, Babita delivered the unusual baby and "fainted after she saw him": "It was a mixed feeling when the nurses handed over the baby to me," Babita told reporters. "When the nurses removed the towel, I was shocked to see our firstborn with two heads and three hands."

The parents are still stunned and confused referring to their infants as one. "This is my baby, and I will raise him as he is. I am yet to hold him in my hands."