Smyrna man faces five charges after he allegedly threw his 2 children, over barbed wire fence during chase.

6 month ago

Smyrna news, Georgia news.

Deandrea Trevon Leonard, 34, is charged with pushing the two children aged 1 to 4 in a stroller at the center of South Cobb Drive at about 5 pm Sunday.

He is charged with an offense, but the other four counts, including two crimes, resulted from his reaction to the police, the police said.

In an effort to flee, he threw his one-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter over a 7-foot barbed wire fence in Block 4600 South Cobb Drive.

His son landed on his face, causing slight scratches, specified the mandates. The two children were stuck on the other side of the fence when their father fled, police said.

In Cobb, he faces two counts of second-degree cruelty, as well as counts of obstruction, false name and pedestrian on the roadway, according to prison records. He remains in prison with a bond of $ 22,220.