Thousand Oaks Shooting: deputy hero was struck by friendly fire.

one year ago

The sheriff’s deputy who was killed while he was trying to stop a mass shooting at a crowded bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif., was struck by a friendly bullet which was responsible for his death.

Sgt. Ron Helus was struck five times by gunfire from the suspect, Ian David Long, however, a sixth bullet, fired by a fellow law enforcement officer, that struck Helu's heart and killed him.

the 29-year law enforcement veteran had planned to retire next year, unfortunately, his life ended before that when he was shot as he tried to stop the gunman, who killed 11 others in the attack. Helus later died at a hospital.

Ventura County Sheriff William Ayub said "They were ambushed almost immediately after entering," adding "They retreated and tried to stop the suspect with their own gunfire. And unfortunately, it was dynamic, there was a lot of movement, there was smoke, it was dark."

the widow of Sergeant Ron Helus said:

“He would have said he was just doing his job, but he is a hero and I want him to be known for that."

The CHP officer who fired the bullet to Helu's heart was not identified but it was revealed that he was a 9-year veteran of the force who is on leave.