'Master Mixer' pleads guilty to fabricating drugs including fentanyl and heroin at home

8 month ago

Newport News news, Virginia news.

A Virginia woman has pleaded guilty to mixing and fabricating drugs including heroin and fentanyl at her home as part of a deal with prosecutors.

38-year-old Symphoni V. Wiggins, who called herself the "master mixer", had prepared heroin and fentanyl for sale to a local drug dealer for about seven months in 2018. She was busted on Aug. 27.

The massive roundup included 39 defendants who have been charged in the federal drug conspiracy case. Wiggins is the fourth among them to admit guilt as part of a plea deal that was reached last week.

When sentenced in March, Wiggins faces up to 40 years behind bars even though she could be offered credit for her cooperation with authorities.