Armed and dangerous US marine on the run after shooting mother's boyfriend dead

8 month ago

Hardy news, Virginia news.

Authorities in Virginia are looking for a U.S. Marine deserter from Camp Lejeune who is accused of shooting dead his mother's boyfriend on Saturday afternoon.

22-year-old Michael Brown, who was a Marine combat engineer before going AWOL on Oct. 18, is the main suspect in the shooting death of 54-year-old Rodney Brown at his Hardy home.

"I've known Rodney. He grew up here, I did too. We were friends, neighbors," said Kenneth Meador, a Hardy resident. "Rodney was a super nice guy. He was really polite, worked hard. Just a great guy."

Police said that Brown is armed with a high-powered rifle and driving a Lincoln Town car with North Carolina plates.

No potential motive for the shooting has been revealed.