Sarasota woman arrested after killing her disabled mother using combination of sedatives and painkillers.

8 month ago

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A Sarasota woman was arrested last week after investigators claimed she had killed her disabled mother with a combination of sedatives and painkillers.

Josephine Scheid, 36, was arrested on Thursday, Nov. 7 at her home in Trails Drive on a warrant for first-time murder. Prosecutors allege that Scheid killed his mother, Gabrielle Michaelis, using a lethal amount of sedatives and painkillers to reap financial rewards.

Prosecutors said Michaelis was disabled and unable to take care of herself.

In addition to first-degree murder, Scheid faces second-degree fraud charges for allegedly transferring $ 9,000 to his personal account from his mother's estate, perjury for allegedly lied to investigators, falsification of evidence and obstruction of law enforcement for allegedly removing information from her mother's mobile phone.

Scheid is currently awaiting extradition.