Woman was fatally hit by car before the driver of second vehicle unknowingly dragged her body for miles on highway.

5 month ago

Wheeling news, West Virginia news.

West Virginia police said Thursday that she thought a woman was fatally hit by a car before the driver of a second car had unconsciously dragged her five kilometers down a highway.

Officers responded to information that a vehicle struck a pedestrian on Warwood Avenue in Wheeling at around 6:30 am

When they arrived at the scene, they did not find the victim.

Less than 30 minutes later, they received another 911 call stating that a vehicle appeared to be dragging a body on Interstate 70.

The driver of the second car was alerted by a passing driver who saw the body. The victim was identified as Michelle Lynn Czoka, 54, of Bridgeport, Ohio.

"They called to say that they had seen a body get drugged under a vehicle, along the off-ramp," "They signaled to the motorist and had them stopped."

The two drivers were found, and the incident is still under investigation.