Woman shot and killed a man who assaulted her with a baseball bat during armed robbery.

9 month ago

Harris County news, Texas news.

A manager at a drive-in movie theater shot and killed and killed a man who, according to MPs, had assaulted her with a baseball bat during an overnight robbery.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 am on Monday at the Showboat Drive-In on FM 2920, in northwestern Harris County.

Investigators from the Harris County Sheriff's Office said that two female executives were leaving the parking lot when one of them noticed someone inside the office. When she investigated, the director was confronted by two men, one brandishing a baseball bat.

The man with the baseball bat started to attack the woman, hitting her in the hand and on the shoulder. The woman then took out her gun and opened fire.

Members say that the man in baseball was shot and killed while the second thief escaped.

An investigation revealed that both women were executives of the company.

The owner of the drive-in said it was the first time someone tried to rob the company.