4 people shot and wounded, all from one block area in LaGrange.

9 month ago

LaGrange news, Texas news.

LaGrange police responded to a report of several shots fired from block 1400 Elm Street at approximately 11:30 pm

Upon arrival, they said they first found Melva Moore, who had been shot in the shoulder and hand. According to witnesses, Moore was hit by a bullet while running after hearing gunshots.

She was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment of her injuries.

Police said they were later informed of new casualties at the same medical center at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center.

The officers went to the hospital and found Xavier Cofield, shot with ankle, James Davis, injured on the back, and Shelby Jenkins, injured on the left shoulder.

The investigators spoke to many other victims of the incident. They said that several victims suffered minor injuries while fleeing.