Two suspects arrested after woman held as sex slave, repeatedly tortured in 2 hotel rooms

9 month ago

Pineville news, North Carolina news.

Two suspects were arrested after a North Carolina woman, who is being held as a sex slave, was tortured several times in two hotel rooms, the police said Friday.

The woman, whose identity was not disclosed, was "forced to commit sexual acts with random men" and "physically and mentally punished ...", the Pineville Police Department said.

In two national hotels in Pineville, about 15 km south of Charlotte, the woman was verbally abused, strangled in ice baths and brandished with a hot hanger, police said.

Police said she was investigating the women's trafficking case when she contacted them. Suspects Thomas Antoine Miller, 26, and Shakeeta Lasha Adams, 25, were arrested in connection with his case.

Miller has been charged with adult victim trafficking, adult sexual servitude, strangulation, assaulting a child under the age of 12, assaulting a woman, and threats of communication.

He remained in the Mecklenburg County prison.

Adams was charged with simple assault.