Woman leads police in long chase after carjacking victim, throwing alive sneak at her

11 months ago

Greenville news, South Carolina news.

A South Carolina woman had perpetrated a disturbing carjacking after she threw an alive snake at the victim prompting her to leave the car before leading police on a long chase.

29-year-old Hilmary Moreno-Berrios asked the victim for the keys before throwing the non-venomous black snake at her. She then entered on a long chase with police crashing through barricades and causing serious damages to poles and equipment until she finally crashed into another vehicle. "The bizarre incident garnered widespread community attention not only for the chase through the heavily-populated route the suspect traveled but also because Moreno-Berrios carjacked the Honda CR-V by throwing sticks and what turned out to be alive, non-venomous black snake at the victim," according to police.