Husband admits to involuntary killing his wife 2 years ago

one year ago

West Palm Beach news, Florida news.

A Florida newlywed who was reported vanished by family members in 2017 was now declared dead by Palm Beach County Circuit Court judge Scott Suskauer on May 9.

According to witnesses, Isabella Hellman, 41-year-old, was seen for the last time in Bahamas sea with her husband, Lewis Bennet, 42, while in their honeymoon.

Last November, Bennet has entered a guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter. He could spend 8 years from his life behind bars in connection to his wife's death.

Police found Bennet in the couple's lifeboat with no sign of Hellman. He argued that he slept below deck at the time their catamaran took on water and sank, reports said.

The couple's 2-year-old's daughter will inherit her mother's estate that is down to $18,000.