Suspect admits to killing three women and concealing their remains

one year ago

Knoxville news, Tennessee news.

A Virginia suspect told authorities that he has accidentally murdered two Tennessee women and a teen girl whose he dated while he was working as a subcontractor for James H. Drew Exposition, police said.

According to James Michael Wright, 23-year-old, the fatal shootings occurred not far from his Washington County house and it started from late February to mid-March.

The victims were identified as Elizabeth Vanmeter, 22, Jocelyn Alsup, 17, and Athena Hopson, 25. Wright shot Vanmeter to death before burying her body in his home on Feb. 28.

On March 9, Alsup died from gunshot wounds before the suspect covered her body with logs next to a creek while Hopson was killed on March 17 and her body was found in a river.