Man tossed a 5-year-old boy from Mall balcony pleaded guilty to attempted premeditated first-degree murder.

one year ago

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Emmanuel Aranda, 24, who threw a five-year-old boy from a balcony at the Mall of America in Minneapolis in April pleaded guilty on Tuesday to attempted first degree murder with premeditation.

The fire had led the child to be hospitalized as part of a plea agreement. In exchange, the prosecutors agreed not to pursue the charges related to the aggravated circumstances, which would have meant an extra year of imprisonment for Aranda.

According to prosecutor Cheri Ann Townsend, the boy's family had supported the plea agreement.

The 5-year-old was thrown nearly 20 meters off the ground after being thrown from a third-floor balcony. The child suffered head trauma and multiple fractures but survived.

Aranda faces 19 years in prison. He should be sentenced on June 3rd.