Alabama scheduled lethal injection for man convicted in the 1997 deaths of four people.

one year ago

Montgomery news, Alabama news.

Alabama has scheduled a lethal injection for a man convicted of the deaths of a man, a woman and two young girls, in 1997.

The Supreme Court of Alabama has set the execution date of May 16 to Michael Brandon Samra who was found guilty of helping his friend Mark Duke kill his father, Randy Duke, his father's girlfriend, Debra Hunt, and his daughters of 6 and 7 years old.

The authorities claim that Mark Duke killed his father, Hunt and one of the girls, and that Samra cut off the other child's throat.

According to prosecutors, the crime took place after Duke was angry when his father did not let him use his truck.

Both were sentenced to death. Duke's death sentence was overturned because he was 16 at the time, while Samra was 19 at the time.