Student suffered permanent brain damage in a suicide attempt, his mom blames classmates and teachers.

one year ago

A special education student in Chicago suffered a suicide attempt that caused him irreversible brain damage. His mother blames classmates and teachers for intimidating him, according to a new trial.

Jamari Dent, a fourth-year student at Woodson Elementary School, was brutally harassed.

Two months after his suicide attempt, the 11-year-old boy remains hospitalized with a ventilator, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

The lawsuit alleges that bullying began in early 2018 when the boy with learning disabilities was enrolled in Evers Elementary School.

Other classmates would have laughed at him, saying he was "stupid" and "retarded".

Jamari was also mocked by a teacher who threw insults such as "dirty" to him.

Her mother says she was forced to transfer the boy after the same educator hit him.

But abuse and intimidation would have followed him in his new classes at Woodson Elementary School.

According to the lawsuit, three educators hit the boy.

The lawsuit - which targets unspecified damages - mentions Chicago public schools, two principals and four teachers. The district refused to comment on the dispute, according to the Sun-Times.