Grandfather became a hero in the attack of New Zealand mosque

one year ago

According to reports, a grandfather became a hero after the attack in his mosque in New Zealand. He threw himself in front of another faithful man to save his life and was shot dead.

Daoud Nabi's family said the 71-year-old was a generous man.

His 43-year-old son, Omar Nabi, who was also scheduled to visit the Masjid Al Noor mosque on Friday morning, but missed the prayer because of his work, said he had learned that his father had tried to prevent another faithful from using his bullets.

After learning the shooting, Nabi rushed to the mosque and called his father's phone, but he did not pick up.

"He helped all the refugees," he explained, explaining how his father had gone to the airport to greet the refugees and help them start a new life.

A photo of Daoud Nabi shows him radiating pride beside his granddaughter at the mosque.

Trying to build a community in his new home country, Nabi founded a mosque and became president of a local Afghan association.