Parents arrested in connection with 8-year-old son disappearance

one year ago

Corona news, California news.

California Authorities intensify the search for an 8-year-old boy who was last seen two weeks ago. His parents have been arrested in connection with the case.

Corona police stated that following the investigation, the family members of Noah McIntosh have not heard any thing from him for a while.

According to the boy's 36-year-old mother Jillian Godfrey, she has no idea concerning Noah's whereabouts. She reportedly prompted cops to investigate his husband Bryce McIntosh, 32, who intentionally refused to cooperate with police.

After searching the family's apartment, police succeed to obtain a main evidence that resulted in the couple's arrest.

The nature of the evidence has not been determined.

The parents were apprehended facing suspicion of child abuse charge.