Woman arrested after a video appeared to show her encouraging her daughter to fight another teenage girl.

one year ago

Turlock news, California news.

According to officials, Barbara Cypress, 40, a Californian woman was arrested on Tuesday after a video showed her encouraging her daughter to fight another teenager at Columbia Park in Turlock. She was arrested at home by the Turlock Police Department. Friday.

The mother of the alleged victim, Irina Lizarraga Acuna, said the fight had started on the school bus. The two girls go to Turlock Junior High School, said Acuna.

Acuna said she would lay charges against the woman. The Turlock Unified School District stated that it would investigate this incident.

Cypress faces "a charge of false imprisonment and two counts of child abuse and delinquent delinquency," said the Turlock Police Department.

the modesto Bee reported that the girl who hit the victim was "cited and released".