Father accidentally ran over son, 3, outside Waffle House

one year ago

Brandon news, Florida news.

A father had reportedly run over his 3-year-old son in the parking lot of a Waffle House.

Jeremiah Rios had sustained fatal head injuries and died at a local hospital.

Guillermo Junior Montoya Rios thought that the mother placed him in the car. The boy's mother believed Rios did the same.

"It's too late for this family and had the most tragic outcome but if in the future, if we could just ask parents, slow down, make sure you've got everybody,"officer Danny Alvarez said. "We know we get caught up in our day but slow down and we can prevent a tragedy."

Last January, a similar accident of a 1-year-old girl occurred when she was run over by a neighbor.

The boy's parents will not face charges.