Dad threatens son's teacher by AK-47 pistol

one year ago

Palm Beach news, Florida news.

An upset father had reportedly threatened his son's middle school teachers using an loaded AK-47 that he bought for personal safety as he used a wheelchair.

The event happened at Bear Lakes Middle School in West Palm Beach at 4 p.m. when 27-year-old Christopher Freeman entered the school treating that if the school workers declined him to see his son, he would killed them all.

The arrest affidavit insisted that "Freeman was visibly upset and was yelling and screaming 'you're going to need more than what you got because of what I got.' "

According to Freeman's claims, he became very nervous after calling his son in the morning and knew that a teacher "slammed him" because he overheard the boy is crying through the phone.

He faces several charges including possession of a firearm on school grounds.