Dad attacks daughter's coach after he sent her to bench during playoff soccer game

one year ago

Vero Beach news, Florida news.

A Florida soccer player's father has been arrested and charged after a confrontation with his daughter's coach who yelled at her and sent her to the bench during the last minutes of Citrus Bowl playoff game.

Anthony D'Elia, 42, was charged with felony battery in connection with the February 12 altercation between him, and his daughter's coach. The father went furious when he saw his daughter, Brie, sobbing in the car after her coach took her out of the game and told her "You aren't listening to me!"

That was not the first time the coach sent the high school senior to the bench as he had been doing it several times throughout the season.

D'Elia reportedly told the coach his daughter was crying because of his actions before swatting his phone, which flied 40 feet away.