4 killed in propane leak explosion in Missouri home

25 days ago

Goodhope news, Missouri news.

A propane leak explosion at a Douglas County home killed four people late Saturday, authorities said.

The explosion occurred at around 9 p.m. at a house undergoing renovation on State Highway 442-B.

Investigators said that a propane tank caused the deadly blast that was heard about 10 miles away.

“It was something like I had never ever seen before,” Sheriff Degase said.

“A month or two ago, we had a house explosion that was propane-related, and that house caught on fire, but there was no fire on this one.”

“It had me a little bit baffled so we decided to err on the side of caution and contact Sheriff Arnott and Sheriff Brad Cole. They sent a bomb squad down, and actually, Sheriff Cole responded as well.”

“We wanted to clear the residence and make sure that there was no device in the residence before we started searching.”

The identities of those killed in the explosion were not confirmed but local media reported that they were two adults and two sons.