Woman’s body found in zip-tied garbage can in LA residential neighborhood

1 month ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

Authorities in Los Angeles are investigating after a deceased woman’s body was found in a zip-tied garbage can early Tuesday.

The grim discovery was made by a homeowner who called the police after realizing that the can was heavier than expected.

“I gave them all the info. Told them it’s weird that it’s zip-tied,” he said. Its serial number was scratched off and so they said that within 24 hours they’re going to send an animal disposal unit out to pick it up.”

Gardeners and other residents of the Sunland neighborhood also called the police after noticing the foul odor coming from the suspicious can.

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  • Police said that the victim appeared to be between her 30s and 40s adding that the garbage can does not belong to the neighborhood.

    “The initial reports were saying there was a foul smell coming from the trash bin as well as flies.” Detective Eduardo Serrano said.

    “We don’t understand what exactly happened yet, but just the fact that a body was discharged in the street, in a trash bin. It’s very saddening.

    That’s no way for a person to discover that their loved one was left in that manner.”