Man fleeing shots at SC hotel falls to his death: Myrtle Beach Police

1 month ago

Myrtle Beach news, South Carolina news.

A young man fell to his death Sunday while attempting to flee a shooting at a Myrtle Beach hotel, police said.

Officers were called to Hotel Blue at around 1 a.m. over reports of shots fired at a sixth-floor unit.

Detectives said that a man was found unresponsive in the back of the building and it was later determined that he fell while trying to climb down the wall before reaching the fifth floor.

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  • The victim was identified as 27-year-old Jorge Orellana, from Hendersonville, North Carolina.

    Orellana was reportedly “fleeing” from the room where the shots were fired, police said.

    Witness Daniel Richardson described hearing loud bangs while sitting on his hotel balcony and then seeing police swarming the scene.

    “It seemed like it was handled really quickly,” he said of the police response.