‘I murdered a woman’: Mass. firefighter with ‘Grim Reaper’ tattoo charged after stabbing girlfriend to death

1 month ago

Holyoke news, Massachusetts news.

Authorities in Holyoke, Massachusetts arrested a 52-year-old firefighter with a distinctive tattoo over the gruesome murder of his girlfriend.

Jason Chapdelaine was charged with first-degree murder over the slaying of 48-year-old Eileen Monaghan who was stabbed 40 times in the head, torso, and arms.

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  • A security guard made the 911 call and both the bloodied victim and suspect were found lying on the ground.

    While Monoghan died of her injuries, Chapdelaine survived an attempt to hang himself. He allegedly smelled alcohol as he told the security guard “I didn’t really mean to do it.”

    “I don’t really feel I…I need to… I murdered a woman,” the suspect with a “Grim Reaper” tattoo reportedly told detectives.