Murder investigation underway after woman found hanging in Florida home garage

2 months ago

St. Petersburg news, Florida news.

A Florida woman was found hanging inside her garage last week but evidence led police to rule her death a murder.

59-year-old Katrin Simpson was found dead on Feb. 20 hanging in the garage of the home she shared with her 48-year-old boyfriend, Gregory Shinn.

Shinn went to a neighbor’s house asking them to call 911 after finding the body and claimed he “did not have a phone.”

Shinn told detectives that he was watching YouTube videos in his room when he went to check on Simpson.

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  • The woman was hanging with a black wire wrapped around her neck linked to a beam in the garage. She had various injuries including a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs, and a neck fracture.

    Investigators believe the injuries “were not consistent with the allegation that the victim hung herself.”

    “Due to the severity of the victim’s injuries and them not aligning with typical suicide by hanging this investigation was deemed suspicious death.”

    Neighbors and friends of Simpson described her as “a veteran with a lot of courage and a strong person.”

    Shinn, who claimed his girlfriend’s injuries were sustained when a door fell onto her in the garage, was charged twice with domestic violence toward her within the last three years.