2 women found dead blocks from each other in Indianapolis raising serial killer’s fears

25 days ago

Indianapolis news, Indiana news.

The discovery of two murder victims’ bodies within a few blocks of each other is gripping Indianapolis in fear as speculations about a possible serial killer mount.

Shannon Lessere, 58, was discovered dead on January 27, five days before the body of 52-year-old Marianne Weis was found a few hundred yards away.

“Both victims either lived in or had strong connections to this area on the far east side,” said Capt. Roger Spurgeon during a Friday press conference.

“Both victims were killed in a similar manner. Both victims were white females in their 50s.”

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  • While investigators could not officially link the two murders, they revealed that Lassere was stabbed, both victims were “killed in a similar manner” and both “had trauma to their bodies.”

    “We’re here out of an abundance of caution to share information with the community that we can share and ask for information that will help move these investigations forward,” Police Chief Christopher Bailey said.

    Lassere’s son Justin Smith said his mom left the house late Friday night and never returned.

    “Funny. Beautiful. She was handicapped. She was deaf. The most amazing woman. There’s been another woman. There’s been another case very similar to my mother’s. So. Somebody’s out here, somebody’s out here doing something,” he said.