Texas couple charged in starvation death of 3-month-old son in filthy motel room

3 month ago

Waco news, Texas news.

Authorities in McLennan County have charged a couple with murder over the starvation death of their 3-month-old late last year.

The baby was found unresponsive, “starving and looking like a skeleton” in a filthy New Road Inn room on November 29.

Deputies brought the victim to a hospital where he died later that day. A doctor determined the baby “died as a result of starvation because he was very malnourished and possibly shaken baby syndrome due to the injuries he observed.”

Skylynn Katherine Tuerk, 33, and Charles Devin Harris, 27, were indicted on four counts of murder, injury to a child, endangering a child, and possession of methamphetamine.

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  • A witness called Child Protective Services to report that the baby only weighed 10 pounds and that his mother was “nonchalant” about his condition and played “video games the entire time.”

    Officers visited the couple’s room the following day and found the family including the baby and his 3-year-old sister living in “unclean and dangerous” conditions.

    At the scene, officers found a half gram of meth and “numerous knives and swords with blades exposed within the reach of the 3-year-old girl.”

    Detectives noticed that there was “no real food for the children and no baby formula” for the victim.

    “The only food found for the children were a couple of juice boxes and fruit snacks.”