Suspect arrested in death of Texas cheerleader found ‘murdered in cold blood’ in bathtub

3 month ago

Edna news, Texas news.

Hours after authorities in Edna, Texas released surveillance photos showing a person of interest in the “cold blood” murder of a 16-year-old girl, the arrest of a suspect was announced Sunday.

Victim Lizbeth Medina was discovered lifeless in the bathtub of the apartment she shared with her mother on Tuesday after she did not show up for her performance at a Christmas parade.

Detectives said the person of interest was wearing a black “Volcom” hooded sweatshirt, may have a tattoo behind the right ear, and be driving a silver Ford Taurus, model 2010 to 2018.

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  • On Saturday, Rafael Govea Romero was arrested in Schelenburg, Texas on murder charges.

    Police revealed that he was an illegal immigrant but did not elaborate on his relationship with the victim.

    It was Lizbeth’s mother who made the gruesome discovery of her slain daughter inside the Cottonwood Apartments’ unit where they had been living for the last year.

    “The most horrible way a mother could find her child. She was murdered in cold blood,” Jacquelin Medina said.