Washington man with bloody hands surrenders; confesses to killing mother

7 month ago

Island County news, Washington news.

A Washington man was arrested after he allegedly asked a complete stranger on the street to call 911 confessing that he had killed his mother.

The Island County Sheriff’s Department received the stranger’s call at around 10:49 a.m. and learned that a man with “blood on his hands” had killed his mother.

When deputies found the 32-year-old suspect, he had blood on his hands and clothes.

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  • He told them he lived in a nearby camp trailer with his parents and that he killed his mother.

    The suspect allegedly described how he committed the crime and where he left the weapons.

    Deputies found the woman dead inside the trailer in a pool of blood, confirming the suspect’s claims.

    The man was arrested and booked into the Island County Jail facing second-degree murder charges.