Baby found unresponsive on Florida beach after mom leaves him unattended

7 month ago

Daytona Beach news, Florida news.

A Detroit mother was arrested after she allegedly left her 1-year-old son unattended on a Florida beach and returned home.

Shamika Mitchell’s teenage son called 911 late Wednesday telling dispatchers that he was concerned about his brother’s safety.

“She sent my little brother somewhere. She said with his dad, but like, and I keep telling her to show me proof, but she’s not showing me proof,” he said.

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  • Mitchell told police that the 1-year-old was with his dad. Her teen son revealed that she had been mentally struggling before the incident.

    “I’m telling her to tell me proof, because I know that she’s been having these little episodes lately. So, like I really think, my mom is possessed by demons.”

    The baby was found shivering from the cold on a beach and brought to the main street where a deputy called EMS.

    The child was unresponsive but had a pulse. Good Samaritans also changed his soiled diaper before he was taken to a Volusia County hospital.