Girl, 8, killed with dog after tree falls on family’s tent during camping trip in Idaho

9 month ago

Pine news, Idaho news.

Authorities in Elmore County, Idaho said that an 8-year-old girl and her pet dog died on Saturday when a tree toppled on their tent during a camping trip with family.

The tragic incident occurred early Saturday at Boise National Forest Pine Campground when a cottonwood tree with rot at the base fell on the tent where Cadence Eastin and her pet were staying.

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  • First responders pronounced the victims dead at the scene. A GoFundMe page for the girl’s family revealed that she was an identical twin and had seven siblings.

    Cadence loved animals; the page added, and was a “truly special child.”

    “It is especially revealing that the family dog was curled up next to her when the tree fell taking both of their lives.”