Family mourns slaying of Memphis woman after body found burning on side of road

15 days ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

A Memphis family is mourning the tragic loss of their 27-year-old loved one whose body was found in flames on the side of a road just two days after she went missing last week.

On Tuesday, the Shelby County Medical Examiner identified the charred remains found on September 7 as Dominique Lomax.

Lomax’s family reported her missing two days before the gruesome discovery when her boyfriend claimed that he dropped her off to meet a man called Rico at Highland Meadows Apartments in Whitehaven.

Her body was burning when it was found on the side of Swinnea Road near Holmes Road. Her brother, Deonte Russell opened up about the moment he was told about Dominique’s demise from their aunt.

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  • “She just told me, ‘Baby, I don’t know if anyone told you, but that body they found in Whitehaven is your sister’s,” Russell recalled.

    “Being from here is so bittersweet. It’s a gift and curse at the same time, because we wear the letters on our back with pride but the stuff we have to go through when we are here is sometimes unbearable.”

    Russell said he will miss calling Dominique and hearing her encouraging words to him, the way he did when he was awaiting his first child.

    “I was telling her about how nervous I was and how scared I was. She had more faith in me than I had in myself.”

    “I appreciate it. That is one of the reasons I felt like I could have done more and been there more.”