Arkansas resident dies from brain-eating amoeba after visiting Little Rock Country Club

16 days ago

Little Rock news, Arkansas news.

Health officials in Arkansas announced Thursday that a resident died from a brain-eating amoeba infection after attending the Country Club of Little Rock.

The Arkansas Department of Health did not identify the victim but said that they were exposed to the deadly amoeba that was found in the club’s splash pad after testing.

Following the tragedy, the county club announced that the pool and splash pad would be shut down.

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  • “There is no ongoing risk to the public related to this exposure,” said the health department.

    Naegleria fowleri, commonly known as the brain-eating amoeba, doesn’t infect people if swallowed and cannot spread from one person to another.

    The amoeba thrives in warm fresh water and travels into the brain after entering through the victim’s nose.

    Symptoms of the rare infection include severe headaches, fever, nausea, and vomiting.