Oregon man confesses to ‘ice-blooded’ 44-year-old slaying of Boston woman

19 days ago

Portland news, Oregon news.

An Oregon man deliberately walked into an FBI office in Portland to confess to a horrific crime that he perpetrated 44 years ago.

John Michael Irmer, 69, told detectives how he bashed the head of Susan Marcia Rose with a hammer before raping her inside a Beacon Street, Boston home around Halloween in 1979.

Irmer said that he met the red-haired woman at a skating rink. The man also said that he wanted to “confess to several murders” including one in the South.

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    “Nearly 44 years after losing her at such a young age, the family and friends of Susan Marcia Rose will finally have some answers,” Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden said.

    “This was a brutal, ice-blooded murder made worse by the fact that a person was charged and tried – and fortunately, found not guilty – while the real murderer remained silent until now.”