SC woman stabbed to death in wheelchair; boyfriend killed during confrontation with police

one year ago

Landrum news, South Carolina news.

A South Carolina man was shot and killed by police responding to a fatal stabbing of a wheelchair-bounded woman on Memorial Day.

53-year-old Shana McClain was found dead in her wheelchair outside a Bon Aire complex apartment at around 4 a.m. Monday.

Her boyfriend, Freddie Edwards, confronted deputies with Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office and refused to drop a large butcher knife he was holding.

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  • Sheriff Chuck Wright said that deputies used a Taser and a K-9 unit while attempting to arrest the suspect who then charged at officers with the weapon.

    Two Spartanburg County deputies and a Landrum Police officer reacted to Edwards' attack shooting him dead at the scene.

    “We tried to deploy a taser on him, it didn't work, we tried to deploy a dog, and it didn't work. He started charging the officers and that's when two of deputies and a Landrum police officer shot,” Wright said.

    “I do know that after he was tased, he still fought through that. I'm not sure if both probes got in him, or not, we don't know that yet. The dog should have in a normal situation at least slowed him down a little bit.”