Missing Texas soldier's wife found dead after he was located alive by civilians

one year ago

Killeen news, Texas news.

The wife of a Texas soldier who went briefly missing this month was mysteriously found dead, authorities said.

Craig Chamberlain's wife Cameron appeared on several news outlets last week as she looked for her husband who vanished on May 15.

On Thursday, after ten days of disappearance, Chamberlain's mother announced that her 25-year-old son was found alive by civilians in Killeen.

The wife's death is being investigated and there is no official information about its circumstances.

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  • But Cameron's statements during the search for Craig suggested that he suffered from professional and mental troubles.

    “People genuinely have very positive things to say about him,” the now-deceased wife said about the then-missing husband.

    “He did tell me that he hated the lifestyle, he hated the leadership of Fort Cavazos. He was not happy being a soldier. He was scared to talk about his mental health.”

    Craig's mother described her son's marriage to Cameron as “rocky” and “not very kind.”

    “They absolutely rushed into marriage without thinking about it,” she added.