3 thugs ambush man at Alabama shopping center, kill him with hammer to rob his Rolex

7 month ago

Birmingham news, Alabama news.

Birmingham police said that the three criminals who attacked a shopper and killed him with a hammer in broad daylight Thursday afternoon were likely after his Rolex watch.

Darren Smith, 50, succumbed to his injuries at the scene in front of horrified shoppers at the Shard End shopping center in Birmingham, police said.

On Friday, police said that three suspects aged 31, 35, and 53 were arrested in Devon, roughly 160 miles away from the crime scene.

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  • The devastated family of Darren said that the father's death left a “huge void” and asked witnesses to help in the investigation.

    “He was a caring man and was loved by all who knew him. He was tragically taken from us and this has left a huge void in our lives.”

    “We would ask anyone who knows or saw anything. Please come forward and contact the police.”