Biden jokes heckling during State Of the Union speech was not rowdy but 'nice reception'

one year ago

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As he delivered his second State of the Union address Tuesday, President Joe Biden was interrupted by Republican hecklers including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who called him a “liar”.

The heckling came in response to Biden's remarks on Social Security and Medicare as well as the fentanyl smuggling crisis and China.

Throughout the address, Greene could be heard screaming “Secure the border!” and “China's spying on us!”. GOP Rep. Bob Good later confirmed that he also did call Biden a liar.

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  • Tennessee GOP Rep. Andy Ogles shouted “it’s your fault” when the President addressed the rise of fentanyl overdoses.

    The President reacted to the interruptions telling the Republican crowd: “Anyone who doubts me, contact my office... I'll give you a copy of the proposal!”

    He then responded to ABC's question over the rowdy mob, jokingly: “Rowdy? I thought it was a nice reception.”

    Among the Republican reactions to the State of the Union address, Sen. Ted Cruz called the speech “angry, divisive, and fundamentally dishonest” while Rep. Lauren Boebert stated that the President “needs to start negotiating” with the GOP calling his remarks a “disappointment.”