Missouri death row inmate executed despite maintaining innocence

one year ago

Bonne Terre news, Missouri news.

A Missouri inmate was put to death Tuesday at the state prison in Bonne Terre over the 2004 killings of his girlfriend and her three children.

Leonard “Raheem” Taylor, 58, has maintained his innocence until the end claiming that he was in California when the murders of Angela Rowe, Alexus Conley, 10, AcQreya Conley, 6, and Tyrese Conley, 5, occurred inside the family house in Jennings, Missouri.

“Death is not your enemy, it is your destiny. Look forward to meeting it. Peace!,” the inmate said before receiving the lethal injection.

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  • Talor had boarded a flight to visit his daughter in California on November 26, 2004, while the bodies of the victims were discovered on December 3, 2004.

    The medical examiner said that the murders could have taken place when Taylor was still in Missouri. Taylor's daughter said that her father called the victims while at her home and even relatives of Rowe and a neighbor recalled seeing her alive after his departure to California.

    Prosecutor Bob McCulloch called the testimonies “nonsense” and “completely made up.” Taylor's brother also said that he had confessed to the crime.