3 suspects busted in killing of teen Denver girl bound, shot in alley

19 days ago

Denver news, Colorado news.

Three suspects were busted over the murder of a 17-year-old girl whose body was found bound and tossed in an alley on March 26.

Jasmine Rivas-Hernandez was found dead in an alley in the Montclair neighborhood. Police said that her ankles were tied with headphones and that she had fatal gunshot wounds.

Robert Adam Solano, 34; Joseph Thomas Chavez, 26; Shiloh Fresquez, 21, were arrested in connection with the killing on Thursday, nearly ten months later.

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  • Surveillance footage led investigators to the suspects' stolen truck as it was caught leaving the alley where Jasmine was killed. The teen's blood was found in the truck.

    Police believe Solano was the teen's killer. He faces first-degree murder charges. The two other suspects were charged with accessory to a crime and abuse of a corpse.

    “We want answers. We want to know why this happened,” the victim's cousin said.

    “I don't think there's anything that she could have done or could have done to anyone for someone to kill her like that. It just makes no sense.”