'Gang-related' massacre in California leaves 6 family members dead including teen mom, baby shot execution-style

11 months ago

Tulare County news, California news.

A 16-year-old mom and her infant son were among six victims of a gang-related massacre that targeted a family residence in a Central Valley farming community early Monday.

Detectives said that the six-month-old boy was executed in the arms of his mother Alissa Parraz as they tried to flee the bloodbath at around 3:30 a.m. Monday.

Their heads had gunshot wounds and their bodies were located in a ditch outside the home. Parraz's uncle, cousin, grandmother, and great-grandmother were also killed.

Police said that two survivors of the massacre managed to hide inside a trailer and gave detectives crucial information regarding the gunmen.

“They could see two men sneaking onto the property...but by the time they came on [the video feed], it was too late to do anything,” Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said.

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  • Boudreaux added that the murders were likely linked to a drug gang since a search warrant for narcotics was conducted at the home days earlier.

    “We also believe this was not a random act of violence. We believe this was targeted. Detectives believe there are at least two suspects. It appears this family was targeted and there are gang associations involved, as well as potential drug investigations.”

    “I think it's specifically connected to the cartel. The level of violence...this was not your-run-of-the-mill, low-end gang member.”

    “If [they] are specifically shooting everyone in the head, they know what they are doing...[and] they are comfortable with what they are doing,” Boudreaux said.

    “I do have more information but I'm not at liberty to discuss it at this point. We have potential information, which will hopefully lead to potential suspects.”