‘He did nothing wrong’: Texas man gunned down by cops for standing armed outside home, fearing he was being burglarized

2 months ago

Austin news, Texas news.

The family of a Texas man demands justice after he was gunned down outside his Austin home by cops last month.

Rajan Moonesinghe, 33, was fatally shot by an officer on November 15 almost immediately after the cop arrived at the scene and found him armed with a rifle.

The victim had just returned home from a trip and feared his home was being burglarized; he fired a shot into his residence prompting a neighbor to call 911.

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  • “Officer Sanchez was the first to observe Mr. Moonesinghe and gave him a verbal command to drop the gun,” the department said in a release.

    “Immediately after telling Mr. Moonesinghe to drop the gun, Officer Sanchez fired his Department approved firearm at Mr. Moonesinghe. Mr. Moonesinghe was struck and fell to the ground.”

    The victim’s mother said that Moonesinghe called a friend, and reported “something that has been moved around my house. Something strange is going on.”

    “He did nothing wrong. He had a gun…he was defending his house and he didn’t point the gun. He was not menacing. He didn’t look like he was going to shoot anyone.”