Close friends were ‘brutally murdered’ at rural Florida home: ‘This was an execution-style murder’

12 days ago

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Two close friends were found “brutally murdered” at their shared rural Florida home on Monday and authorities still have no clues regarding the suspect.

Those who knew David Daniel Sigers, 54, and James Michael Thomas, 49, struggle to understand why would anyone want to kill them as investigators believe the murders were “targeted.”

“Autopsies were performed,” Baker County Sheriff Scotty Rhoden said. “We can say that these two victims were brutally murdered and may have been targeted. Let’s make no mistake about it: This was an execution-style murder.”

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  • One victim was slaughtered in a back bedroom and the other in the hallway. Their bodies were discovered Monday at around 11:25 a.m.

    Sigers was, according to his obituary, a US Army veteran with “a quiet private life” while Thomas, was a grandfather and owner of a construction firm.

    “Say your prayers and lock all doors and have your weapon handy,” a Baker County resident commented.