Girl, 4, tried to stop mom’s boyfriend as he strangled woman with lamp cord

2 months ago

Bucks County news, Pennsylvania news.

A Pennsylvania woman was strangled to death in front of her young children by her boyfriend who then tried to commit suicide, police said.

On June 8, Thadius McGrath beat Samantha Rementer with a stepladder and a lamp before he used the lamp cord to strangle her to death.

The 35-year-old then shot himself but survived his injuries to admit to killing Rementer after she “made him mad.”

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  • McGrath also said that the victim’s older daughter tried to stop him screaming “please stop you are killing my mom.”

    When Officers were alerted by relatives to the domestic incident, they responded to the home where they were met by the blood-soaked girl, 4, who told them “he killed mommy because she was annoying him and then shot himself accidentally,” the criminal complaint reads.

    The girl and her younger sister have since been placed with their grandfather who said that the child bit McGrath to stop the murder.

    “I am very very proud of both my granddaughters,” he said. “The police call Lilly a Rock Star for the way she acquitted herself that day and afterward at an interview.”