FedEx employee named suspect in killing of beloved Virginia nonprofit CEO at home

2 months ago

Fairfax news, Virginia news.

Virginia authorities arrested a FedEx employee as he headed to work at Dulles International Airport on Tuesday over the murder of a beloved nonprofit CEO at his home days earlier.

33-year-old Joshua Danehower was named as the suspect who fatally shot Gret Glyer, 32, as he slept in his bed last Friday.

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  • Police did not provide a motive for Glyer’s murder but said that he and the suspect were acquaintances and that a tipster helped solve the case.

    Glyer was the founder of DonorSee which is a “giving platform” aiming to help those in need, particularly in Africa.

    “As anyone who has ever come into contact with Gret will tell you, he was an amazing light and a spirit of buoyant optimism with a quick wit, a big personality, and a great vision to make the world a better place for those less fortunate,” DonorSee’s interim chief Owen O’Doherty said. “And what a difference he made.”