SCOTUS rules in favor of Biden administration against Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

2 months ago

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The Supreme Court ruled Thursday in favor of President Biden and his administration regarding the asylum policy “Remain in Mexico” implemented by former President Donald Trump back in 2019.

The 5-4 decision over the Migrant Protection Protocols (MMP) ends the Trump-era policy that denied thousands of migrants access to the US while seeking asylum and going through legal proceedings.

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  • “The larger policy story behind this case is the multi-decade inability of the political branches to provide DHS with sufficient facilities to detain noncitizens who seek to enter the United States pending their immigration proceedings,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in an opinion.

    “But this Court has the authority to address only the legal issues before us. We do not have the authority to end the legislative stalemate or to resolve the underlying policy problems.”